mercredi 17 mars 2010

The death game

Wow! Well, I will try to translate a part of it as it is pretty long but, you will have a good idea of this frightening news.

It is about the strong psychological influence of television over people. This test game was recorded and will be presented as a reportage at France2 tonight. It was done by Christophe Nick, based on an experiment at Yale University in 1960 where Stanley Milgram wanted to "understand" the german people mecanism of submission to Nazis.

So, for this show-test, 80 people were chosen for this called "Xtreme Zone" game. The goal: a candidate--in fact an actor, but people didn't know--was asked a serie of questions. When giving the wrong answer, the crowd was howling "punishment" and a electric zap--from 80 to...460volts--was administer to the poor comedien. This one was hidden from people and they were just hearing his jolts and his cries and his supplications to stop the game up to the moment where he stop reacting like if he was dead.

80% of the participants continued the game to the end. Only 16 abandonned, resisting the "authority" of the animator.

One of the participant, a 52 years old man said:"They asked me to do it and I did it. They know what they are doing, isn't it? I knew the guy was in pain and toasting there, behind the screen but it was not my problem, isn't it?"

I really can't believe that our supposed advanced civilization can do that, think like that!

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