lundi 1 mars 2010

Mystery of Australian nuclear scientist's 'bizarre' disappearance

""No hat. No boots. No gloves. Nothing."

Canadian police are mystified by the disappearance of an Australian nuclear scientist from a remote research facility in the country’s south-east.

Melbourne man Lachlan Cranswick, 41, went missing from Deep River, Ontario, 190 kilometres north-west of Canada’s capital, Ottawa, about five weeks ago. Investigators admit they have no idea what happened to him or where he is.

"Every bit of information that we have received has been followed up on. We’re at the stage now where we have no new information, we have no leads, no tips and no explanations whatsoever," lead investigator Darin Faris, of the Deep River Police Service, said.

Mr Cranswick moved to Deep River, a town of 4200 people, to start work at the facility seven years ago. The reactor, which was used in the Manhattan Project during World War II and is home to about 2700 employees, is both a research site and production centre for medical radioisotopes. On the question of foul play, Officer Faris said a thorough search of Mr Cranswick’s computer records, storage devices, laptop and house uncovered "nothing that points to him either looking at suicide or anybody that would like to do harm to him"

"This guy’s got more [gigabytes] of storage device than anybody I’ve ever seen and we found nothing ... We’ve got no evidence that he wanted to take his own life or somebody wanted to take it for him," he said.

"I talked to lots of the locals there and they think something extraordinary happened to him. "He loved his work. He lived for his work there. He loved it so much he didn’t want to come back to Australia. "It’s just such a strange thing. It’s like he’s been taken off the planet."

I might have an answer for this disapearance! Nobody searched in Iran? Don't forget that their own nuclear physicist had been assassinated by Who knows Who (but we have big hints hints) last month. So, I would not be surprised he would have been kidnapped by some Iranian commandos to replace the missing one. What do you think? Unless Who knows Who could have done it to put th blame on th iranians to force Canada to implicate itself in this confrontation? This is a strong possibility also.

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