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A right understanding of matters

Here is a copy/paste of an article published in the Common Ground of September 2009. I just find it in a box of papers I was filing. Pretty interesting... but... not quite easy to do when you are stuck in the labirynthic government's craziness. It is a follow up of the precedent entry.

CG : Archive : September 2009
A right understanding of matters

WRITING ON THE WALL by Henry E. McCandless
Canadian citizens accepted thousands of preventable deaths and
wrecked lives from contaminated blood in the 1980s, and later the
needless deaths of 26 Nova Scotia coal miners in a disgraceful mine.
We tolerate wrongful imprisonments across the country and police
forces inadequately managed, motivated and trained for
interventions. We accept the corporation-driven medical treatment
fixation rather than install rules for prevention. We don’t require the
standards of care for seniors they are entitled to see met, and we
don’t require facilities to uphold seniors’ dignity. We accept
government ideology transferring public money to corporations and
we don’t uphold the precautionary principle for the environment and
our natural resources. We accept quiet decline in the competence of
Canadian officials and don’t question their training and motivation. We
tolerate Canadian legislators steadfastly sidestepping the application
of public accountability even though it is a society imperative. We
allow them in their ritual processes to refuse to grasp the basics of
management control for what they oversee, something essential to
running their jurisdictions competently. The list goes on and on – and
for all countries.
In 1796 George Washington made an important observation: “I am
sure the mass of Citizens in these United States mean well, and I
firmly believe they will always act well, whenever they can obtain a
right understanding of matters...” It is not clear whether the majority
of Canadian citizens seek a right understanding of matters, or simply
hope that someone else will fix things, while complaining about them
after the fact.
Yet by holding to account fairly and relentlessly, citizens can control
what goes on.
Holding to account means extracting the information from authorities
that citizens need to gain a right understanding of issues they should
deal with. Given the information, and not just data, citizens can more
sensibly act to commend, alter or halt what authorities intend. Thus
the essence of public accountability is the obligation of authorities to
explain publicly, fully and fairly before the fact what they intend and
why, the performance standards they intend for themselves and those
they oversee, and later what resulted from what they did and how
they applied the learning available from it. We have failed to install
this basic obligation.
Most people think accountability is responsibility, the obligation to act
(a related but different obligation). The fraudulently-titled federal
Accountability Act is a prime example. Or they see it only as
explanation after the fact, from financial statements, court cases and
inquiries. But financial statements are only a part of public
accountability and after-the-fact attention doesn’t prevent harm,
injustice or irreversible environmental damage. We don’t get full and
fair public explanation of the intentions of the directing minds of
authorities such as governments and the agencies they control
because the requirement, if seen headed into law, is apt to turn
authorities’ knuckles white. (Think of the classic BBC’s “Yes Minister”.)
The lobbying against it would be over funded.
Citizens should not trust an authority that does not explain publicly,
fully and fairly what it intends, and why. As a former Provincial
Auditor of Ontario put it, “If you know it, you can report it.”
Authorities certainly know their underlying agendas.
When the Board of the Vancouver Island Health Authority acted to
close the Cowichan Lodge facility in Duncan and turn over its
operations to the private sector with no credible intention explanation
before the fact, the spokesperson for 80,000 Cowichan-area citizens
told the Directors at a public meeting, “You have lost the public’s
trust.” This ought to have been devastating to the Board members
sitting there, facing her. Given the Board’s purposeful ignorance of its
public accountability, it likely wasn’t.
So why does holding to account work? If elected or appointed officials
must explain their intentions, reasons and performance standards
within their authority, knowledgeable organizations can publicly shred
identified intentions reasonably seen to lead to harm. As well,
independent audit can attest to the fairness and completeness of
what the authority says. Fear of consequent loss of credibility with the
public will exert a self-regulating influence on what the authority
“Checks and balances,” monitoring and performance audit after the
fact don’t create this self-regulating influence. Review boards for
professionals review processes but don’t examine and report whether
performance such as professional medical diagnoses and treatments
met the standards of diligence that citizens are entitled to see met.
Citizens can act in two ways. They can require their legislators to
install in the law the requirement for full and fair public accounting by
all authorities affecting the public in important ways. That allows
auditors general to audit compliance with the legislation.
As well, citizens can form citizen accountability groups to hold
authorities publicly to account for their responsibilities in the issues of
concern to the groups. They can set out publicly, for the relevant
authorities, what they see as the nature of the public explanations the
authority should be giving for its intentions, reasons, performance
standards and results. Alongside external auditors, the groups can
then publicly assess the fairness and completeness of the authority’s
public explanations.
If we don’t do this, we carry on with activist citizens putting in terribly
long hours, largely after work, to try to overturn intentions and
actions seen as unfair -- with the intentions not being given public
challenge before the fact, and with officials who plan and carry out
the intentions getting salaries and pensions for it.
As to the type of public reporting needed, George Washington’s
observation fits with the 1989 Massey Lectures of Dr. Ursula Franklin,
who said: “Whenever someone talks to you about the benefits and
costs of a particular project, don’t ask what benefits? ask whose
benefits and whose costs?”
Thus we can develop a useful form of public accountability
explanation we can call an Equity Statement (EqS). The statement
sets out, for proponents of an intention that would affect the public in
important ways: who would gain what benefits from what is proposed, and why
they should, in both the short and longer term;
who would bear what costs and risks, and why they should, in
both the short and longer term; and
assuming the proposal were to go ahead, who would be
required to meet what standard of performance and public
explanation of how responsibilities are being carried out.
The proponents for an intention -- and those opposed -- can each
draft an equity statement for public challenge of an intention. This
can range from property developers and residents to governing and
opposition parties in a legislature. The elected representatives making
the decisions would account to their constituents if they disregard
what a valid composite equity statement logically points to as the
Whether a local municipal property development application, an
intended “private-public sector partnership” or other executive
government policy or regulation intention, a validated equity
statement would give citizens information they should have to do
their oversight duty. To be effective as a self-regulating influence on
governments’ intentions, equity statement reporting would have to be
assessed by auditors general for its fairness and completeness and by
knowledgeable public interest groups.
As a society imperative, public accountability is non-partisan and isn’t
political policy. In serving the accountability relationship between
government and the legislature it is therefore open to auditors
general to recommend to their legislators that equity statements by
the executive government be made the law. But it is up to citizens to
require their elected representatives to install it.
Henry E. McCandless is General Convenor of the Citizens’ Circle For
Accountability ( and the author of A
Citizen’s Guide to Public Accountability: Changing the Relationship
Between Citizens and Authorities (Trafford 2002). From 1978 to 1996
he was a Principal in the Office of the Auditor General of Canada.

Water-boarding of canadian senior citizens

I hesitated long before posting this entry on my blog but finally, I took the decision to do it. Now, it is going way too far and people have to know. I decided to speak... for the sake of my dear friend, all the other seniors who are without a voice and on GIS... and for me also. I still have many years before my pension but I certainly don't want to live, alone, what my friend is passing through right now... so here it is!

How come our government is using all kind of moneys against our senior citizens, making them stressed, anxious, sick and powerless? When you contact ministers of the government for help you are rejected, they refuse to help you saying that their employees are doing their good job. Where is their accountability? How many hundred of thousands of dollars of your taxes are they spending in abusing our senior citizens as they try to search if they didn't gave them a couple of hundreds of dollars more during the year, accusing the seniors of criminal intent if they are living on the lowest level of revenue with their GIS?

What can we do, as canadian citizens, to know what is happening and to make them understand that they are our "servant" and that they have to stop treating us as their ignorant slaves and nullities.

Here is a story—shortened as it is a long saga—that is happening right now to a friend of mine as well as to many seniors in Canada. It can happen to you, to your parents, to your friends, to your neighbors if you or they are receiving GIS. Nobody is sheltered from them. Are we slowly becoming a police state like in the 1984 novel? It is frightening when you see what they are doing and how they are doing it. So cold and inhuman!

I have a friend who is 71 years old. A nice man who will give his last shirt... a heart big like the world. This man came and help me to get out of an apartment where I was sickened by sewer gases emanations and where my x-landlady was extremely violent and aggressive. She was "breaking and entry" in my apartment every times I was not there with her clients, neighbors, boy-friends, other renters, etc... to show them my belongings. She took photos of my belongings after having messing them up, wrote discriminative notes on them and was/and still distributing them around. She was/and still slanders me, lying brazenly about me. She is creating false evidences to present to Court and still defy the Court who had ordered her to pay me compensation on November 2008... I am still waiting to be paid and had to put a lien on her house. She sent me other papers last week to go to Court in Victoria at the end of this month as she created "new" false evidences to contest, for the third time, the Court Order. This is on and on like the pink rabbit for 19 months now.

She is afraid, I think, as I know a lot about her and her many boy friends and also, and this is the worst (I will talk about this in another entry) about her violent abuse to the dogs she is grooming (have a recording of one of these sessions).
So, this friend help me to get out of there and she just screamed at him—and I have recording of this—that she will ruin his life and put him on the street. So, she contacted the pension office and told them bold lies and saying he was abusing the system by having his pension at his age (???). Government jumped on his like famished Rottweiller on a juicy bone. They started an "investigation"... which can be OK BUT... they also cut completely his guarantied supplement without a reason and even though he gave them all the information they asked for, under oath. They refused to talk to him or to contact him besides sending him invasive questionnaires on his private life on personal stuff that is not of their business. These questionnaires were so invasive of his right and freedom that I wonder why they didn't asked him how many times he was going to pee per days.

Now, 12 months later, he is still without his GIS, live with nothing, have his bills cumulating and his credit card maxed up, can't feed himself properly and is now sick due to the high stress and anxiety.

I have now to take care of him as he can't stay alone with very high blood pressure, dizziness and great unbalance, vertigo-like.
But, government don't give a dam about this, isn't it? I learn, in the process, that my friend is not the only one in this situation. What is happening to our government?
Ms Finley and Ms Le Breton took millions out of our tax bucket to finance a huge campaign on Senior's abuse with millions of beautiful glossy brochures and emotional TV adds... but they are the first ones to abuse the seniors. What can a senior do to defend himself and have his voice heard when confronting such bullyism from his own government?

Mesdames Finley and LeBreton blatantly refused to help my friend. What can a poor old man/woman can do against such a machine? Seniors, at least many of them, have no voice. They have built what is here now, without them we would not be here and our government just treat them as if they were just a number followed by some tiny $ signs. Seniors are not human but just an old fart who is expected to leave this world as soon as possible so government will save money. How horrific! Did we really elected those inhuman people?

I just wonder how many of these seniors who were/are under these "investigations" died before their time of a heart attack from stress and anxiety? How many are now handicapped or paralyzed by a stroke triggered by high blood pressure caused by stress and anxiety? How many live in misery, feeding themselves only with crackers, Lipton soup and Kraft dinners because they can't afford—after a lifetime of hard work—to feed themselves properly while under these years' long "investigations where they barely have 700$ per month to live on, pay their rents, utilities, transportations, medications, food and else? How many suicide themselves because they didn't have the strength to fight for surviving and were hopeless?
No, there is no help out there. Oh! Yes! there is beautiful people that are trying to help... huge thank you to them... but they can't go very far as their power is just an illusion.

MP you said? Let me laugh! We contacted the MP of the area where he live and this guy refused to go further in the file and even told us that if he help my friend, the pension office might just erase my friend from their files as a "vengeance". Isn't it terrible?

My friend, at his age, have now his little credit card max up and is stress beyond beliefs to see his credit moffed and is waiting, impatiently, to be paid the retroactive to clear up his debts. But... will it happen? I don't know as he received a letter last week, 12 months after, that they now, it seems, want to get back to 2004 to see if they would not be able to recuperate moneys from him. He never fraud the government and was doing all his income taxes... what a way to treat honest citizens!

For them, your are guilty, whatever you say, and they just gnaw our elders to death!

Wake up, Canadian! Together we can do something!

dimanche 4 avril 2010

Our little corner of paradise

Near my place, there is a little wooden area, a little forest with a little lake. Nothing impressive but, very nice and peaceful... full of birds and deer and whatnot. Up to now, this little Garden of Eden escaped loggers, all mechanical devices and promoters... up to now! I just heard, through the branches, that there is a project to white cut all the trees, drain the lake and build a complex of houses. Why, for god sake? There is hundreds of kilometre of land around here, lands ready to build on without destroying the slightest tree so why going there? When human will learn to respect nature, dammit?

Notre petit boisé

Tout près de chez moi, il y a un petit boisé avec un minuscule lac. Un tout petit coin de paradis qui a survécu, jusqu'à maintenant, aux coupeurs d'arbres, aux pelles mécaniques et aux promoteurs immobiliers. Faut dire que tout autour, il y a beaucoup de place pour construire sans déranger et sans tuer des arbres en masse. Mais.... j'ai entendu dire, entre les branches, qu'il y aurait un projet pour complètement raser cette petite forêt, drainer et assécher le lac et construire un complexe immobilier. Bon ben.... il y a des centaines de kilomètres de terre inculte tout autour.. pourquoi ne pas construire là? Pourquoi vouloir à tout prix détruire le peu d'arbres qui restent dans la région? Quand donc l'humain và-t-il comprendre?

World in collision with mass extinction?

This is a very interesting article with 3 little videos that brings us back to reality. We are a lot who respect this way of life but.... maybe not enough or maybe... too isolated.

Cet article est très intéressant. 3 petits vidéos qui nous ramènent à la réalité du moment et à la charge que notre civilisation d'hyper consommation... cette civilisation née du dit "rêve américain" qui est, en réalité, le cauchemar de la mondialisation. Nous sommes beaucoup à être conscients età faire de gros efforts mais... nous sommes tellement isolés et encore si peu nombreux

World in collision with mass extinction?

mardi 30 mars 2010

YouTube - Great Chinese State Circus - Swan Lake

How can human be so beautiful and talented

Comment l'human peut-il être aussi beau et talentueux

YouTube - Great Chinese State Circus - Swan Lake

.... And at the same time so horrible, cruel and inhuman????

.... Et en même temps aussi cruel, horrible et inhumain????

YouTube - Re: Shocked and appalled cat

mercredi 17 mars 2010

The death game

Wow! Well, I will try to translate a part of it as it is pretty long but, you will have a good idea of this frightening news.

It is about the strong psychological influence of television over people. This test game was recorded and will be presented as a reportage at France2 tonight. It was done by Christophe Nick, based on an experiment at Yale University in 1960 where Stanley Milgram wanted to "understand" the german people mecanism of submission to Nazis.

So, for this show-test, 80 people were chosen for this called "Xtreme Zone" game. The goal: a candidate--in fact an actor, but people didn't know--was asked a serie of questions. When giving the wrong answer, the crowd was howling "punishment" and a electric zap--from 80 to...460volts--was administer to the poor comedien. This one was hidden from people and they were just hearing his jolts and his cries and his supplications to stop the game up to the moment where he stop reacting like if he was dead.

80% of the participants continued the game to the end. Only 16 abandonned, resisting the "authority" of the animator.

One of the participant, a 52 years old man said:"They asked me to do it and I did it. They know what they are doing, isn't it? I knew the guy was in pain and toasting there, behind the screen but it was not my problem, isn't it?"

I really can't believe that our supposed advanced civilization can do that, think like that!

Le Jeu de la mort

WOW! C'est à couper le souffle! Le pouvoir, l'emprise psychologique de la télévision!

Je ne peux imaginer que des gens sains d'esprit vont, volontairement, entrer dans un tel jeu et accepter de torturer un des leurs. Comment est-ce possible? Ce jeu-test signé Christophe Nick et enregistré pour un reportage, est basé sur une expérience menée l'université de Yale par Stanley Milgram, en 1960, qui avait pour but de "sonder" les mécanismes de la soumission des Allemands aux Nazis.

Je reproduis ici le texte d'Actu Live

"Pour cette expérience, 80 personnes volontaires n'ayant jamais participé à un jeu télévisé ont été recrutées pour, leur a-t-on dit, tourner l'émission test d'un nouveau divertissement, "La Zone Xtrême". Pour cette expérience, 80 personnes volontaires n'ayant jamais participé à un jeu télévisé ont été recrutées pour, leur a-t-on dit, tourner l'émission test d'un nouveau divertissement, "La Zone Xtrême". Le but: soumettre un candidat - en fait un comédien - à une série de questions. La punition? Une décharge électrique allant crescendo, de 80 à... 460 volts. A chaque mauvaise réponse, le public, également recruté sans avoir été prévenu de l'expérience, crie "châtiment" et une décharge doit être administrée.

Le faux candidat, Jean-Paul, que les questionneurs ne voient pas, fait entendre sa douleur: des petits cris, puis des hurlements, des supplications demandant de cesser le jeu, avant de ne plus donner signe de vie.

Pourtant, 80% des questionneurs vont jusqu'au bout du jeu à mesure qu'il se transforme en séance de torture. Seulement 16 des candidats ont abandonné le jeu résistant à l'autorité de la télévision, incarnée par une jeune animatrice connue, Tania Young.

"Les questionneurs ne sont pas dominés par un rapport hiérarchique mais sous l'emprise du pouvoir de la télé. Un système qui écrase, un totalitarisme tranquille", conclut Jean-Léon Beauvois, chercheur en psychologie sociale, qui a participé à l'expérience.
Les questionneurs n'osent pas affronter l'animatrice en qui ils ont confiance - la télé ne peut pas faire ça ! - et face à laquelle ils sont seuls. Or "un être seul confronté au pouvoir devient l'être le plus obéissant qui soit", observe-t-il.

"En démarrant l'expérience, on ne pensait pas que la télé avait autant de légitimité", confie Christophe Nick. A ceux qui avaient obéi, l'équipe "a expliqué qu'ils étaient normaux et que c'était la faute du contexte", dit Christophe Nick.

"La télé, quand elle décide d'abuser de son pouvoir, peut faire faire n'importe quoi à quasiment n'importe qui. Ca c'est un pouvoir absolument terrifiant", a-t-il également estimé, dans un entretien à l'AFP-TV.

Patrick, 52 ans, un des candidats, témoigne dans "l'Expérience extrême", un livre tiré du documentaire: "On m'a dit +faut faire comme ça+, les gars qui me l'ont dit, ils savent ce qu'ils font! Moi, je fais. Je me doutais bien qu'il devait grillerlà-dedans. Mais c'est pas mon problème, hein"."

Qu'en pensez-vous?

mardi 9 mars 2010


J'ai oublié d'inscrire l'adresse du groupe. La voici:!/group.php?gid=297234726828

À bientôt

Chiens abusés par leurs toiletteurs

Voilà. Une autre petite entrée pour vous demander de venir me visiter sur mon petit groupe sur Facebook. J'ai besoin de votre aide pour répandre cette information tout autour du monde. Il faut que tous sachent. Alors, s'il-vous-plaît, venez en grand nombre. Si vous avez eu de mauvaises expériences avec un toiletteur ou si vous connaissez quelqu'un qui a expérimenté ce problème, partagez votre expérience. J'ai capturé ce petit vidéo sur YouTube et vous comprendrez pourquoi je veux que tous sachent.
OOps... I forgot to write the address.!/group.php?gid=297234726828

Pets Abuse

Here we go! Another little entry to invite you tocome on my little Facebook Group on Pet Abuse. I am posting a small, very short video to show why I want to continue the fight. I don't know the owner of this little dog. I would like everybody who have had their dogs abused by a groomer to please contact me as I want to spread this all around the world for the peole to be aware of what is happening in some... and too many... grooming salon. Looking forward to read you all.

lundi 1 mars 2010

Mystérieuse disparition d'un scientifique nucléaire australien

Bon, il s'est évaporé il y a quelque 5 semaines sans même laisser une trace, comme effacé de la surface de la terre par la gomme d'un dessinateur. Ses vêtements, passeports, argent, effets personnels, tout est resté dans sa maisonnette. Il s'est juste volatilisé dans l'air glacial de Deep River en Ontario. Aucune trace de lui depuis. Ce scientifique nucléaire australien, Lachlan Cranswick, 41 ans, a disparu sans laisser aucunes traces.

Vous savez ce que je pense? Je crois qu'il est en Iran. Le scientifique nucléaire iranien qui a été assassiné par Je Ne Sais Qui (mais on se doute bien de son identité) il y a quelques semaines se devait d'être remplacé... alors, c'est la logique des choses... À moins que Je Ne Sais Qui ne veuillent que le monde entier et surtout le Canada croient que c'est l'Iran qui a kidnappé Lachlan Cranswick pour forcer la main des canadiens dans la confrontation contre l'Iran. Ce qui serait logique aussi.

Qu'est-ce que vous en pensez?

Mystery of Australian nuclear scientist's 'bizarre' disappearance

""No hat. No boots. No gloves. Nothing."

Canadian police are mystified by the disappearance of an Australian nuclear scientist from a remote research facility in the country’s south-east.

Melbourne man Lachlan Cranswick, 41, went missing from Deep River, Ontario, 190 kilometres north-west of Canada’s capital, Ottawa, about five weeks ago. Investigators admit they have no idea what happened to him or where he is.

"Every bit of information that we have received has been followed up on. We’re at the stage now where we have no new information, we have no leads, no tips and no explanations whatsoever," lead investigator Darin Faris, of the Deep River Police Service, said.

Mr Cranswick moved to Deep River, a town of 4200 people, to start work at the facility seven years ago. The reactor, which was used in the Manhattan Project during World War II and is home to about 2700 employees, is both a research site and production centre for medical radioisotopes. On the question of foul play, Officer Faris said a thorough search of Mr Cranswick’s computer records, storage devices, laptop and house uncovered "nothing that points to him either looking at suicide or anybody that would like to do harm to him"

"This guy’s got more [gigabytes] of storage device than anybody I’ve ever seen and we found nothing ... We’ve got no evidence that he wanted to take his own life or somebody wanted to take it for him," he said.

"I talked to lots of the locals there and they think something extraordinary happened to him. "He loved his work. He lived for his work there. He loved it so much he didn’t want to come back to Australia. "It’s just such a strange thing. It’s like he’s been taken off the planet."

I might have an answer for this disapearance! Nobody searched in Iran? Don't forget that their own nuclear physicist had been assassinated by Who knows Who (but we have big hints hints) last month. So, I would not be surprised he would have been kidnapped by some Iranian commandos to replace the missing one. What do you think? Unless Who knows Who could have done it to put th blame on th iranians to force Canada to implicate itself in this confrontation? This is a strong possibility also.

mercredi 17 février 2010

Spring / Le Printemps

Well... here is some nice energy.... Flowers in front of my place... spring is here.... at last

Eh bien! Un p'tit brin de beauté pour la journée.... le printemps est enfin arrivé avec ces bellel fleurs en face de chez moi :))

mardi 16 février 2010

I am sad today

I am sad today. For 2 weeks now I am sending messages on other groups and on Facebook. At this moment, thousand upon thousands of people were able to see my little blurbs on Facebook pages they go every days but... it seems that nobody care and it make me sad.

Nobody care about groomers abusing animals, nobody care about seniors abused by the government, nobody care... and it is terrible

lundi 15 février 2010

Pet Abuse / Abus à nos animaux de compagnie

I had put more comments on my--for the moment--little Facebook group Pet Abuse. Please, come and read me, and help me to diffuse the information and to bring this problem to the people's awareness

Voilà.... j'ai ajouté de nouveau commentaires sur mon groupe Facebook Pet Abuse. Venez me visiter et, svp, aidez-moi à diffuser l'information et apporter à l'intérêt public ce problème que menace nos animaux de compagnie.

dimanche 14 février 2010

Chinese artist censored.... in France???

I just received this e-mail. Do you know that, in France, it is forbidden to put on banners or signs the words "work", "win", "plus" and "less"? Uhhh! I really don't understand the logic here. If there is French people who are reading me and know what all this is about, please, tell me because I am quite confused here.

So... they forbid those 4 words from the day to day vocabulary but it is ok to show those ads where half naked sexy women and butt shaking man to drool for? Something is wrong here. Sex in cinemascope is sold without a problem but the words work/win/plus and less are banned?

We bring our kids to horrible shows and expositions full of violence, sex, murders, depravation and this is ok, but placarding those 4 words is a no-no, a sacrilege?

This chinese artist, Siu Lan Ko, had her banner took down from the Paris Beaux-Arts building where it was showed as part of the "Seven Days Weekend" exposition. A simple white banner where those 4 words were painted in black. It had been judged to provocative. Provocative??? I really don't follow you on this one!

Are we back to Middle-Age? Are we in a country where freedom of expression is flouted? It happened in France, for crying out loud!

Siu Lan Ko expositions are even well accepted or at least tolerated in Bejing so... what is happening in France? Awake, my friends! Your freedom of speach is trampled on!

It seem that the director of the Beaux-Arts in Paris was even frightened that this banner would bring him problems and might affect the school subvention (???) I would have expect such reaction in China or in any other extremist countries but not in France.

"This incident—said Siu Lan Ko—reflects the climate of political fear surrounding Sarkosy in France and also up to what point the freedom of expression is baffled when economic interests are at stake"

What is Sarkozy is doing in all that? Why that fear? What are those 4 day to day words have to do with economic interests?

What is the next step now? Censoring and maybe burning all the dictionaries because they contain those 4 subversive words?

Allo??? Awake before it is too late people!

Artiste chinoise censurée ... en France????

Je viens de recevoir ce courriel. Saviez-vous qu'en France, il serait interdit d'accrocher les mots "travailler", "gagner", "plus" et "moins"? Je ne savais pas et je ne comprends pas la logique de cette interdiction. S'il y a des français qui me lisent et qui savent, svp, dites-le-moi!

Donc on interdit ces 4 mots du vocabulaire quotidien mais on ne dit rien contre les pub sexistes où l'on vends des trucs avec des images de femmes à demi-nue ou de beaux modèles mâles qui s'agitent le popotin? On vend le sexe en cinémascope mais les mots travailler/gagner/plus et moins sont interdits.

On emmène nos enfants admirer des expositions horribles qui décrivent des scènes de violence, de sexe, de meurtre, de dépravation mais ça, c'est OK. Mais afficher ces 4 mots, là non! C'est sacrilège!

Donc, cet artiste chinoise, Siu Lan Ko, a vu son oeuvre décrochée en toute hâte de la façade des Beaux-Arts de Paris où a lieu l'exposition "Week-end de Sept Jours". Une simple banderole blanche où ces mots étaient écrits. L'oeuvre a été jugée trop provocante. Provocante??? Je ne vous suis pas là! Est-on soudainement retourné au Moyen-Âge? Sommes-nous dans un pays où la liberté d'expression est bafouée? C'est arrivé en France, merde!

Même à Pékin où elle expose se oeuvre, elle est acceptée et tolérée. Alors, il se passe quoi en France?

Français, réveillez-vous! Votre liberté d'expression est foulée aux pieds!

Paraît même que le directeur des Beaux-Arts a peur que cela lui cause des problèmes et que cela nuise au financement de l'école (???). Je me serait attendu à telle réaction en Chine ou en pays extrémiste mais pas en France.

"Cet incident reflète bien le climat de peur politique dès qu'on touche à Sarkozy en France, et à quel point la liberté d'expression est bafouée dès que des intérêts économiques sont en jeu" a constaté Siu Lan Ko...

Qu'est-ce que Sarkoziy vient faire là-dedans? Pourquoi cette peur? Quel intérêt politique y a-t-il dans ces 4 mots?

Va-t-on se mettre à censurer les dictionnaire sous peu car ils contiennent ces 4 mots subversifs?

Allo, le Monde?

Réveillez-vous avant qu'il ne soit trop tard!

mercredi 10 février 2010


J'ai reçu ce courriel d'une amie très chère ce matin. Je vais essayer de le traduire pour mes amis anglophones :) Mais je le mets sur mon blog car je le trouve pas mal bien.

""Il y a quelques jours, dans une ville en France, une affiche, avec une jeune fille spectaculaire, sur la vitrine d'un gymnase, disait : « CET ÉTÉ VEUX-TU ÊTRE SIRÈNE OU BALEINE ? » .

Il paraîtrait qu'une femme d'âge moyen, dont les caractéristiques physiques ne sont pas connues, a répondu à la question publicitaire en ces termes :

Chers Messieurs,

Les baleines sont toujours entourées d'amis (dauphins, lions marins, humains curieux). Elles ont une vie sexuelle très active, elles ont des baleineaux très câlins qu'elles allaitent tendrement. Elles s'amusent comme des folles avec les dauphins et s'empiffrent de crevettes grises. Elles jouent et nagent en sillonnant les mers,en découvrant des lieux aussi admirables que la Patagonie,la mer de Barens ou les récifs de Corail de Polynésie. Les baleines chantent très bien et enregistrent même des cd's. Elles sont impressionnantes et n'ont d'autres prédateurs que l'homme. Elles sont aimées, défendues et admirées par presque tout le monde.
 Les sirènes n'existent pas!  ET si elles existaient elles feraient la file dans les consultations  des psychanalystes argentins parce qu'elles auraient un grave problème de personnalité «femme ou poisson?». Elles n'ont pas de vie sexuelle parce qu'elles tuent les hommes qui s'approchent d'elles. Ils feraient comment d'ailleurs?! Donc, elles n'ont pas d'enfants non plus. Elles sont jolies, c'est vrai, mais isolées et tristes.   En outre, qui voudrait s'approcher d'une fille qui sent le poisson?

Moi c'est clair, je veux être une baleine!

PS: À cette époque où les médias nous mettent dans la tête l'idée que seulement celles qui sont minces sont belles, je préfère profiter d'une glace avec mes enfants, d'un bon dîner avec un homme qui me fait vibrer, d'un café et de gâteaux avec mes amis. Avec le temps, nous gagnons du poids parce qu'en accumulant tant d'informations dans la tête, quand il n'y a plus d'autre emplacement, il se redistribue dans le reste du corps, donc nous ne sommes pas grosses, nous sommes énormément cultivées. A partir d'aujourd'hui, quand je verrai mes fesses dans un miroir je penserai, mon Dieu, que je suis intelligente.""

mardi 9 février 2010

Que se passe-t-il avec le Canada?????

Une autre histoire d'horreur! Le gouvernement canadien cherche, par tous les moyens, de s'accaparer de plus d'argent.... d'essayer d'en payer le moins possible... de traumatiser ses citoyens. On devient de plus en plus un pays où la police devient armée et où nos droits civils fondent à vue d'œil. C'est pourquoi maintenant on appelle la police "les forces de l'ordre alors qu'auparavant on les appelaient "les forces de la paix". N'est-ce pas étrange?

Quand cela arrive à des citoyens résidents mais non-canadiens.... c'est révoltants mais quel terme devrais-je employer lorsque cela arrive à des aînés???? À ceux qui ont travaillés toute leur vie à façonner ce pays???? Alors, lorsque le gouvernement canadien s'attaque à eux, essayant de leur enlever le peu qu'ils ont et en les abusant monétairement et émotionellement.... je ne sait plus que dire. J'en suis abasourdie!

La ministre des pensions, madame Finley ainsi que madame LeBreton, a pris des millions de dollars des deniers publiques pour une gigantesque campagne contre l'abus faites aux aînés. N'est-ce pas une farce horrible?

Je connais cet homme de 71 ans qui a travaillé toute sa vie pour et dans son pays et qui est maintenant réduit à la misère et l'angoisse depuis 11 mois. Il y a 11 mois, le gouvernement canadien lui a retiré son supplément garanti pendant enquête sur son statut marital. Bien que cet homme ait donné toutes les preuves de son célibat, cette agente du gouvernement fédéral s'acharne à demander de plus en plus de "preuves" et va jusqu'à demander des question personnelles sur les sorties et les visites de cet homme. Comme si, à 71 ans, il ne serait plus permis d'avoir des amis sans la permission d'un agent du gouvernement!

Cet homme ne peux plus, présentement se payer la nourriture à laquelle il était habitué et qui maintenait sa santé au maximum. C'est un scandale!

Tout cela parce qu'une femme, une schyzo bipolaire qui le déteste parce qu'il a refusé de lui donner son argent et qui a vu aussi à quel point elle maltraitait les petits chiens confiés à ses soins (elle a un salon de toilettage). Elle lui avait juré de le détruire, de le réduire à la mendicité... Elle a dit à une agente du gouvernement canadien que cet homme abusait le système parce qu'il touchait sa pension alors qu'il avait dans la septentaine.

Je n'arrive pas à croire le ridicule ainsi que l'ignominie de la situation!

Et je me suis laissé dire qu'il n'était pas le seul à souffrir de ce genre d'abus et qu'au travers tout le Canada, le gouvernement canadien utilise ce genre de tactique auprès de nos aînés.

J'aimerais savoir combien de ces aînés sont tombés malades à la suite de telles méthodes, combien sont morts d'une crise cardiaque ou de désespoir ou encore... combien se sont suicidés????

Ça me rends malade que le gouvernement de mon pays soit descendu si bas.

What is happening with Canada?

Another horror story. Canada government is searching, by all means, to grab more money. Is it the good word? Don't know but when it is becoming terrible is when the canadian government is depraving his own senior citizens and abusing them emotionally.

I know about a man, 71 years old who had worked all his life in Canada and who is now reduced to misery because government is doing an "investigation" on his marital status. For 11 months now, he is deprived of his GIS. 11 months of misery and anguish without being able to get the good food he needs for his health because a person, a bipolar sicko was hating him. Can you imagine?

And I heard that he is not the only one in that situation. Seems that canadian government is doing that all over the country!

It makes me sick!

What is happening with my coutry?


Bon! C'est bien beau de changer Facebook, de mettre tout plein de nouveaux boutons, de mélanger tout le monde mais qu'est-ce que l'admin de Facebook attends pour nous mettre un c..... de bouton pour effacer ces messages porno de nos groupes?

Tantôt, je suis allé sur un groupe pour la recherche des enfants disparus et contre l'abus aux enfants.... qu'y vois-je? Toute une ribambelle de mesages pornos avec photos dégoûtantes et tout le reste! Merde! Je ne suis pas prude mais tout de même! Quel est l'innocent imbécile qui va se poster de telles images sur un site contre l'abus faites aux enfants? Cela m'a révolté!

Alors Facebook! Où il est ce bouton?


Am I angry or not. I just went on a missing children group on Facebook. I was flabergasted to see, there, on a site against abuse to children some brainless and stupid people who have posted heavy porn messages with pictures particularly gross. And you can't activate the button on the side to mask or errase them! How can it be?

I don't understand this kind of depravation. I am not prude but, dammit, there is sites for that and stay there, don't invade places where people want to keep clean.

Please, Facebook.... instead of changing your site so nobody can't find anything anymore, can you just give us the tools to expell those kind of indesirable?

A thought

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matters


Devrais-je faire un blog complètement français ou si cette version bilingue vous intéresse?

Is this bilngual blog interest you or should I have have one english and on french????
Rectification on my previous message. For the nun, I must have said a "buddhist nun" instead of a 'thibetan" one. Thank you!

Et d'une autre

Hier après-midi, il y avait un petit groupe de protestataires sur le bord de l'autoroute. Sur les pancartes qu'elles agitaient au-dessus de leurs têtes il y avait entre autre d'écrit: "Arrête l'abus faites aux animaux"

J'ai finalement retrouvé les originaires de cette contestation et j'ai découvert que tout avait débuté avec l'arrivée d'un nouveau voisin tout à côté d'une religieuse bouddhiste. À la suite d'une bataille verbale entre les chiens de chaque côtés d'une clôture de 6 pieds de haut, le district de Nanaïmo a poussé la SPCA à venir sur terrain privé et à prendre les chiens de la moinesse et à les enfermer dans des cages dans leurs chenils. À la suite de longs mois de batailles juridiques les chiens ont été, tour à tour, condamnés à mort et libérés de cette peine.... mais sont toujours "emprisonnés" dans le chenil de la SPCA.

Tout cet argent dépensé sur une bataille de chiens. Ces chiens sont super doux et n'ont eu qu'une engueulade avec leur nouveau voisin. Combien de besoins communautaires auraient pu être satisfaits avec les sommes dépensées futilement dans cette histoire par le district de Nanaïmo?

Mais ce qui me révolte le plus est que la SPCA ne s'est même pas déplacée, n'a même pas pris en considération la plainte que j'ai faite contre ce toiletteur que abuse les petits chiens qu'elle toilette depuis des années. Personne ne s'est même dérangé.

Alors, où est la logique là-dedans? Je ne comprends pas!

Est-ce partie des mystères de la vie?

PS: Si vous aime ce côté francophone de mon blog, svp, dite-le à vos amis/es.

I really don't understand

Well, 2 km from my house yesterday, there was protesters on the side of the highway. On the big cardboards they were agitating over their head was written... "stop pet abuse".

Battle between a thibetan nun and her aggressive neighbor. The trigger? Two dogs. Even though the nun's dogs were behind a 6 foot high fence, the Nanaïmo district pressured SPCA to force their entry on private land and they took the dogs.

The 2 dogs were even condemn to death, I heard. They are in seclusion--should I say imprisonned--in the SPCA dogpound for one year now. And battle is continuing to free them as they were never aggressive toward human. All that drama based on--like this lady said so well--on a bitch fight.

All the money the Nanaïmo district invested in that stupid battle could have been consacrated to the buying a new school bus or whatever other essential for the community.

Now, my question is... if SPCA is just going on private property to seized dogs without a really great reason, why they never ever moved their buts when I complained about this groomer who is, day after day and this for years, abusing those poor dogs entrusted to her care? I really don't understand the logic here.

Another life mystery?

samedi 6 février 2010

The site

ÀHere is the site to go to:

Pets Abuse

First blog and hoping to continue for a long while as I have a lot to say.
Butm first of all, here is my little group I started to get people aware of pet abuse by their groomers.

Please come and register as a member and help me difuse the information.

If you or somebody you know had an experience of having your pet abused, please share.

I am presently writing a book and some articles on that subject.

Looking forward to read you all