dimanche 14 février 2010

Chinese artist censored.... in France???

I just received this e-mail. Do you know that, in France, it is forbidden to put on banners or signs the words "work", "win", "plus" and "less"? Uhhh! I really don't understand the logic here. If there is French people who are reading me and know what all this is about, please, tell me because I am quite confused here.

So... they forbid those 4 words from the day to day vocabulary but it is ok to show those ads where half naked sexy women and butt shaking man to drool for? Something is wrong here. Sex in cinemascope is sold without a problem but the words work/win/plus and less are banned?

We bring our kids to horrible shows and expositions full of violence, sex, murders, depravation and this is ok, but placarding those 4 words is a no-no, a sacrilege?

This chinese artist, Siu Lan Ko, had her banner took down from the Paris Beaux-Arts building where it was showed as part of the "Seven Days Weekend" exposition. A simple white banner where those 4 words were painted in black. It had been judged to provocative. Provocative??? I really don't follow you on this one!

Are we back to Middle-Age? Are we in a country where freedom of expression is flouted? It happened in France, for crying out loud!

Siu Lan Ko expositions are even well accepted or at least tolerated in Bejing so... what is happening in France? Awake, my friends! Your freedom of speach is trampled on!

It seem that the director of the Beaux-Arts in Paris was even frightened that this banner would bring him problems and might affect the school subvention (???) I would have expect such reaction in China or in any other extremist countries but not in France.

"This incident—said Siu Lan Ko—reflects the climate of political fear surrounding Sarkosy in France and also up to what point the freedom of expression is baffled when economic interests are at stake"

What is Sarkozy is doing in all that? Why that fear? What are those 4 day to day words have to do with economic interests?

What is the next step now? Censoring and maybe burning all the dictionaries because they contain those 4 subversive words?

Allo??? Awake before it is too late people!

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