mardi 9 février 2010

I really don't understand

Well, 2 km from my house yesterday, there was protesters on the side of the highway. On the big cardboards they were agitating over their head was written... "stop pet abuse".

Battle between a thibetan nun and her aggressive neighbor. The trigger? Two dogs. Even though the nun's dogs were behind a 6 foot high fence, the Nanaïmo district pressured SPCA to force their entry on private land and they took the dogs.

The 2 dogs were even condemn to death, I heard. They are in seclusion--should I say imprisonned--in the SPCA dogpound for one year now. And battle is continuing to free them as they were never aggressive toward human. All that drama based on--like this lady said so well--on a bitch fight.

All the money the Nanaïmo district invested in that stupid battle could have been consacrated to the buying a new school bus or whatever other essential for the community.

Now, my question is... if SPCA is just going on private property to seized dogs without a really great reason, why they never ever moved their buts when I complained about this groomer who is, day after day and this for years, abusing those poor dogs entrusted to her care? I really don't understand the logic here.

Another life mystery?

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