mardi 9 février 2010

What is happening with Canada?

Another horror story. Canada government is searching, by all means, to grab more money. Is it the good word? Don't know but when it is becoming terrible is when the canadian government is depraving his own senior citizens and abusing them emotionally.

I know about a man, 71 years old who had worked all his life in Canada and who is now reduced to misery because government is doing an "investigation" on his marital status. For 11 months now, he is deprived of his GIS. 11 months of misery and anguish without being able to get the good food he needs for his health because a person, a bipolar sicko was hating him. Can you imagine?

And I heard that he is not the only one in that situation. Seems that canadian government is doing that all over the country!

It makes me sick!

What is happening with my coutry?

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